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Nov. 14, 2022

New Mindset, Who Dis? with Case Kenny

New Mindset, Who Dis? with Case Kenny
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Why do you do the things you do in life? If you don’t know the answer, it’s time to examine your mindset. Creating a powerful mindset helps you redefine the world you experience. Your good mood, or bad mood, is 100% determined by your perspective, and that starts with mindset.

Joining Matt on The Good Mood Show is Case Kenny, renowned podcast host and the author of But First, Inner Peace. Listen to their conversation as they dive into Case’s book and teach you powerful techniques to fortify your mindset.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Practice mindfulness with radical honesty
  • Find your incentives
  • Start with your whys
  • Believe in yourself and be proud of yourself
  • Write your narrative with a positive mindset

[02:04] What is Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t have to be complicated. It may have many forms and layers but simply put, it’s about radical honesty with yourself. You have to combine your inner and outer gaze to take in the world around you and redefine it as what’s true for you. Mindfulness is like self-therapy.

[10:07] Starting With Why

When you’re searching for your why, be intentional about it. Journaling can help you find clarity. Think about what you don’t want to regret. Ask different questions about what you do and don’t want in your life.

[23:41] Redefining the Negative

It’s easy to fall into a negative mindset. This negative environment and personal experiences can push people to quit. However, you have magic in your future. Despite everything else, it’s up to you to rewrite the narrative and give tomorrow a second chance.

[32:54] Your Beliefs, Your Story

Align yourself with what you believe. When you understand reciprocity, you can bridge the gap between the head and the heart. The stories you tell matter, so be more positive in your narrative.

Notable quotes:

[20:07] My fear is looking back and having regret because you cannot change it. And that scares the shit out of me. [20:12]

[26:58] “The greatest gift you can give yourself is to believe in second chances.”

[31:44] At the end of the day, it does come down to you writing or rewriting the rules and expectations for yourself. And I think that's the greatest gift we can give ourselves [31:54]

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About the Guest

Case Kennyis a writer, podcaster, and recording artist. He started New Mindset, Who Dis, with his passion for growth. You can learn more about Case and his work as a mindfulness thought leader on his website and Instagram.