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March 13, 2023

Mental Fitness with Colin Thompson

Mental Fitness with Colin Thompson

Is your mind your best friend or your worst enemy? All of us can get triggered. It’s important to build your mental fitness so you can stay powerful even when you are feeling triggered.

In this episode, mental fitness Jedi master Colin Thompson joins Matt as they discuss the three-step process to building your mental fitness. Pick up tools to improve your relationships while increasing your peace of mind. Once you’re able to maintain a positive mindset regardless of what is happening in the world around you, the things that trigger you now will no longer trigger you.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • An introduction to positive intelligence
  • What is mental fitness?
  • The three-step exercise to build mental fitness
  • The two choices that are not helpful: Fight or flight
  • The power of the pause

[09:53] What is Mental Fitness

Physical fitness refers to your body’s vitality and energy, and its ability to do things that you want to do. Then you build that up through nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, etc. Mental fitness is the exact same thing. But instead of the muscles in your body, you’re working with the muscle in your head – your brain. You build your mental fitness by dealing with issues in your life – small issues, and then larger, larger, larger, larger ones over time.

[18:24] The Three-Step Exercise to Build Mental Fitness

1. Be mindful of when you get triggered. As heat is building up, you have to be able to intercept your saboteur.

2. Pause and ask yourself what is the opportunity? How am I going to respond? Figure out how you can better manage the situation, such that nobody gets triggered.

3. Develop the ability to take the next positive step. As you change your behavior, the person who triggered you will change their behavior as well. This is not easy to do. But once you start building momentum, it's very powerful.

[22:00] Finding the Gift/Opportunity in the Trigger

The moment you find yourself being triggered, that’s the moment when you can either respond to it or take a different action. When you’re able to take that pause, you allow yourself to settle so you can figure out what you can do to make sure everybody is in a good mood.

Notable quotes:

[11:18] You build your mental fitness by dealing with issues in your life – small issues, and a larger, larger, larger, larger one over time. [11:27]

[23:33] You can't handle more until you handle what's in front of you. [23:35]

[31:34] When you have that pause, you're going straight into, "What can I do to make sure everybody's in a good mood?" [31:39]

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Colin Thompson is the founder of Oligye Life Coaching. A Jedi master of mental fitness, Colin is a certified Positive Intelligence coach.