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Oct. 31, 2022

Living For A Living with Author Jamal Jivanjee

Living For A Living with Author Jamal Jivanjee
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Life is hard. But it’s also full of beauty and love and happiness. You get to choose which side of life you focus on. You can choose to dwell on the negative aspects, or you can choose to focus on the positive. And that choice is the key to an empowered life.

In this episode, Jamal Jivanjee joins Matt O’Neill to talk about the root causes of human suffering. They talk about how you can overcome these struggles and live life to its fullest.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Shift your perspective inward.
  • Live in the present.
  • Adopt an abundance mindset.
  • Be totally involved in everything you do.
  • Control how you respond to life.

[01:32] The Key to Empowerment

Empowering someone requires a shift in perspective. We can control our inner state of being and how we respond to certain things.

[06:06] Living in the Moment

We often feel like we’re running out of time, which can lead to anxiety. But the truth is, all you have is time. Stay present in the moment. Stop trying to hang onto the past.

[12:40] The Concept of Lack

We give money value. Economy is an exchange of energy. While there might be fluctuations in that exchange, nothing is lost. All we have is everything.

[21:31] Hard Work Ethic

Success requires total involvement. If your desires, actions, and values are fully aligned, it becomes easy. As long as you’re totally involved, you’ll get to where you want to be.

[30:00] The Root of Our Evil

People are inherently good. But when our core needs aren’t met, it creates trauma. Some behaviors that come from trauma are evil. But if you dig deep into the trauma, there’s healing. If we can control how we respond to life, we can end these cycles.

Notable quotes:

[05:05] —  [05:15] 

“As a society, as a species, as humanity, we have to understand that we’re not actually separate from each other. Your success is instrumental to my success.” — Jamal

[22:25] — [22:28] 

“Success is predicated upon total involvement.” — Jamal

[31:54] —  [31:59] 

“If you can get below the trauma, there’s no evil; that’s where healing is.” — Jamal

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About the Guest

Jamal Jivanjeeis a bestselling author, podcaster, and full-time life coach. With more than 20 years of experience working with people in various stages of life, he discovered the common roots of human suffering and sustainable solutions to help people become empowered.  He has written two books, Free to Love and Living for a Living