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May 22, 2023

From Despair to Joy: Conquering Hopelessness

From Despair to Joy: Conquering Hopelessness
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This very important episode teaches you how to get out of despair and find joy again. This is a blueprint for getting out of the darkness and back into the light.  

Hopelessness is a heavy emotion that can lead to self-destructive behaviors. It is crucial to learn how to overcome this mood, not only for yourself, but also to be able to help loved ones who may be struggling. 

In this episode, Matt teaches the lessons from his own battle with hopelessness and the exact method to get out of it. Learn how to conquer hopelessness and embrace the positivity within.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

  • How to get out of hopelessness

  • The power of asking for help

  • You have more control than you’re admitting

  • Living in a higher state is a choice

  • Start focusing on love

[01:51] How to Get Out of Helplessness: 

Allowing oneself to succumb to hopelessness can lead to destructive behavior such as excessive drinking and drug use, which can be seen as a subconscious desire to end one's life. As someone who has battled both, I have experienced firsthand the danger of turning to drugs and alcohol during moments of hopelessness. Rather than exacerbating an already difficult situation, it is essential to learn healthy ways to cope with and overcome these emotions.

[09:31] The Power of Asking for Help

It's crucial to seize the helping hand that reaches out to us, even if it means answering a phone call. That hand could be our lifeline. When feeling lost and hopeless, we may find ourselves pushing away those who are trying to help because it's not in the way we expected. We may wait for a specific person to provide the help we seek, but sometimes someone entirely different extends us precisely what we've been praying for, albeit in an unexpected manner.

[22:10] You Have More Control Than You Realize

You have far more control than you may be admitting to yourself. Maybe you feel like you've tried everything in your power and given it your all, yet you still come up short. It's important to remember that this feeling is not necessarily true. It's impossible to test every option and do everything, given the vast array of choices available in the world. You always have options and choices at your disposal, even if you haven't taken advantage of them yet.


Notable quotes:

[01:51] If you don't learn how to get out of hopelessness, it can destroy you.  [01:56]

[09:31] “We have to grab the hand that's reaching out to help us. Maybe we need to pick up the phone. And that's our rope." [09:37]

[22:31] There's so much choice in this world, that you've never done at all. You've never tried it all. You're never without options or choices. [22:38] 

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