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May 9, 2022

E06: The Gift of Each Moment

E06: The Gift of Each Moment

With all of the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to get caught up in stress and problems. Our thoughts become tangled, our time becomes limited, and our bodies become weary — but even in these moments, there are valuable lessons and abundant blessings. It may just be hard to see them because we become so focused on what we need to do every day that we fail to see all there is to appreciate.

In this episode, Matt shares about his wife’s failed pregnancies and the powerful lesson they took from their experience: learn to see the silver lining in your suffering and treasure every moment gifted to you.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The Power of Choosing Love
  • Strengthening your Faith
  • Lessons from sadness and loss
  • How to learn from life’s challenge
  • Free yourself from attachments

Episode Highlights:

[00:45] Choosing Between Fear and Faith

Many people think that everything is owed to us. But we must realize that nothing is owed to us — rather, every moment is gifted to us.

In Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love, she says that we only ever have one choice: to choose love or not. Choosing love means connecting with God and our souls, and coming into our eternal being.

[04:07] Strengthening Your Faith

Strengthening your faith can be done by connecting the dots backward in the darkest moments of your life and putting them into perspective. You will realize that you were being guided in those moments and that you are always being guided by a higher purpose.

[08:13] The Gift of Sadness

With God’s guidance, we learn lessons in either of two ways: through wisdom or from experience. If you’re not learning from wisdom, he’ll teach you through experience — these can be difficult to overcome.

Through his wife’s miscarriages, Matt learned that the point of loss is to teach us not to take anything for granted. Every moment is precious. Treasure what you have and let the people you love know that you love them. Nothing is owed to you so don’t take anything — or anyone — for granted.

[16:27] Learning From Challenges

You don’t always need to learn from experience. You can also learn from wisdom, study, and contemplation. Contemplate the lessons in the stories you hear and read. After that, choose to love. Know that challenges are not meant to discourage you; they’re happening for you.

[30:02] Releasing Major Attachments

Our egos always have attachments, some of the biggest being money, health, and life. There are some attachments that you need to release for the benefit of your soul. Just remember that you’re okay and that God always has your back.

Four notable quotes

[01:57] —  [02:03] 

“Every moment that we get is gifted to us. Nothing is owed to us.” -Matt

[11:55] — [12:03] 

“The point of loss is to teach us not to take any moment for granted. Every single moment is precious.” -Matt

[27:09] — [27:17] 

“Resistance is suffering. And what we resist, persists. And if we don’t learn the lesson, we’ll continue to get the exact same lesson.” -Matt

[29:55] —[29:59] 

“Problems are a gift sent from God to help you grow.” -Matt

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