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April 18, 2022

E03: Digging Yourself Out of the Trenches with Shannon Hawkins

E03: Digging Yourself Out of the Trenches with Shannon Hawkins

Looking back on your life, you can probably recall at least a few instances in which you overcame obstacles. Whether big or small, they were all a part of your journey. What got you through those difficult situations?

In this episode, Shannon Hawkins, shares how her faith has helped her through many adversities and how she has received blessings by giving back to others.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How to dig yourself out of the trenches
  • Dealing with negative moods emotions
  • Appreciating all that you have
  • Giving back makes room for blessings
  • Have faith in God and His plan for you

Episode Highlights:

[03:44] Getting Out of Bad Moods

Many years back, Shannon had to dig herself out of the trenches and talk herself out of many negative situations. Now, people see her gift as helping others with their own life obstacles.

Shannon was young when her dad died and it affected her tremendously growing up without a Dad. She got pregnant with her firstborn at a very young age. She had to put herself through school and work while raising him. These are only some of the trenches that Shannon had to dig herself out of — and now she is living a beautiful, abundant life.

[07:04] Dealing with Abandonment

It might be difficult to realize but when God takes someone from us, He does it to protect us. Matt talks about his appreciation for his mother’s efforts in raising him. Shannon had a similar story when she was hustling to provide for her son at a young age.

One time, she brought home shrimp to put in their ramen noodles after receiving a bonus and her son considered it a luxury. He was able to see the fruits of his mother’s hard work and seeing him appreciate what was in front of him was a moment Shannon will never forget.

[12:32] Giving Back to Others

When her son was around four or five, Shannon didn’t have the money to buy him a Christmas present. She had made a promise to herself that if there came a time that she wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck, she’d give to other people.

Now, she brings food to families in their communities. She even took in a homeless man named Charles — listen to the full episode to hear her inspiring story.

[26:17] Shannon’s Faith

Shannon’s faith became strong because it was about all she had as a young mom. When she had a hard time sleeping, she was advised to pray before going to bed. By continuing to do that, she was able to finally find peace and trust in the Lord.

Everybody has moments where they doubt if they will be able to overcome hardships. But if God brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it. In the end, it will help you learn and grow.

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Shannon Hawkins has been voted the best interior designer in Charleston for the past three years. She is the owner of Refresh Your Nest, a company that helps homeowners and real estate professionals to improve the interior of their homes or offices. After spending 15 years in the medical field, she finally tapped into her life-long love of design.

Her mission is to not only elevate people’s homes but their spirits. She touches the lives of others every single day through the work she does and gives back in any way she can. Outside of design, she enjoys trips to the beach with her family, live music and of course, scouring antique shops for hidden gems.