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March 20, 2023

Delete Limiting Beliefs with Lion Goodman

Delete Limiting Beliefs with Lion Goodman
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Lion Goodman was shot in the head four times and lived to tell the story. He shares how acceptance, forgiveness, and love literally saved his life. 

We all experience some form of trauma in our lives, and these create our limiting beliefs. Regardless of where those traumas come from, all can be cleared.

In this episode, Lion Goodman, founder of Clear Beliefs Institute, teaches how to delete the limiting beliefs that hold you back and create your life on purpose. He walks us through this beautiful process of clearing out the deep subconscious using the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, and the superconscious mind all at once. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

  • The tragic event that got him shot in the head four times

  • How acceptance, forgiveness, and love can save your life

  • All the ways we don’t experience what we experience

  • On judging ourselves and forgiving ourselves

  • How to identify and delete limiting beliefs

  • Creating the space for the belief you want to create

[19:01] All the Ways We Cannot Experience Our Experience

When something bad or painful happens to us, we usually think about or do something else. We either resort to comfort food, drugs, or alcohol. We can talk endlessly about it to someone else. We can ignore it, suppress it, push it away, or pretend it doesn't exist. These are all ways of “not experiencing” our experience. If you shove enough anger down, you could get cancer or heart disease, or you can gain weight and not be able to lose it. 

[27:19] Deleting Your Limiting Beliefs

Our beliefs are created from our experiences, and those beliefs then start creating our reality. They act like a filter in front of our eyes. So if you think you'll always be poor and you're looking through that belief, then what you see is evidence for why you're always going to be poor. In order to clear that belief, you have to go down into the originating experience and clear it from the psyche. 

Notable quotes:

[23:18] The hardest thing we have to forgive is ourselves.

Resources Mentioned: 

Clear Beliefs Institute

Clear Your Clients’ Limiting Beliefs

Creating on Purpose

The Untethered Soul

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Lion Goodman is the Founder of Clear Beliefs Institute. He's a professional Certified Therapeutic coach, with 40 years of experience as an executive coach, teacher, healer, and subconscious pattern detective. He's the creator of the Clear Beliefs method for deleting limiting beliefs.