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April 10, 2023

Best Version Ever with Josh Painter

Best Version Ever with Josh Painter
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Learn how to create your best version ever – and what gets in the way of living as your best self.

In this episode, Josh Painter takes a deep dive into his WSJ #1 best-selling book, Best Version Ever. Josh and Matt discuss how to stop living on autopilot, and how to break down your goals so that you actually achieve them. Become your best version ever!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

  • Why we’re living on autopilot

  • Finish line goals vs. marathon goals

  • How to do a breakdown of your goals

  • How to move from goal setting to finally achieving your goals

  • C is for consistency

  • Mastering your craft

[02:37] Why We Live Our Life on Autopilot

We're raised by our parents who have expectations of us. And even as we grow up, our society has so many expectations of us. But are you living your life the way you truly want it, or just based on the expectations of others? It's like spending your whole time listening to the song and waiting for the last note to hit. Meanwhile, you didn't dance the whole time the song is playing because you’ve been waiting for that last note to hit. 

[17:47] Goal Setting: Breaking Them Down and Achieving Them

If you have 10 business and work goals and zero personal family goals, it's probably going to show up somewhere in your life. Just throw out a bunch of goals in each category of your life. And then from there, narrow it down to one or two goals (in each category) that are really driving you. 

What’s the one goal that really excites you the most? Then figure out how to go all in. Most people are looking and focused on the highlight reels of life. It’s not exciting when you first start something right. And oftentimes, the first three months might not be exciting at all, and you can get frustrated. What could you start today, where you're not going to maybe notice a lot three months from now, but you'll be an expert 10 years from now? 

[28:33] Consistency is Key

Consistency is about tiny, incremental growth over time, it's almost imperceptible at the time. You're probably not going to notice a difference for three days. But 30 days later, you're probably going to notice a difference. It’s all about just building those habits, and turning routines into habits.

Notable quotes:

[28:33] Consistency is about tiny, incremental growth over time. [28:41]

Resources Mentioned: 

Best Version Ever: Discover the MAGIC of Becoming Extraordinary by Josh Painter

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware

Bounce by Matthew Syed

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About the Guest 

Josh Painter is a dedicated father, leader, coach, and speaker. Josh has also created his own charity and founded the Best Version Ever community after realizing that most people live a life that others expect of them and not a life that is true to themselves. Since then, he sold a successful real estate company, started his charity, and is now living the best version of himself.