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Feb. 20, 2023

Anxiety Reimagined with Neelma Pyfrom

Anxiety Reimagined with Neelma Pyfrom

We all deal with some form of anxiety, and when you are feeling anxious please don’t be hard on yourself. The key is to reimagine anxiety so you can start making positive changes rather than resisting it or battling it.

In this episode, Neelma Pyfrom, owner of Living Lotus Life Coaching, shares her wisdom about how to reimagine anxiety so you can live your best life. Neelma and Matt dissect what lies beneath the anxiety so you can heal the root causes and liberate yourself.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Why anxiety is very personalized
  • The kind of self-care you want to do
  • Anxiety is a form of fear
  • Why feelings are neutral, not good or bad
  • How to get out of fear
  • How to use your phone in a calming way
  • Embracing your “thought adventures”

[04:22] Understanding Anxiety

First, look at what triggers your anxiety – whether it's getting on a plane, being with a large group of people, or walking into a room full of strangers. How anxiety presents itself is different for everyone. Once you start to understand where your anxiety comes from and you’re able to reorient the voice that tells you all those things that make you anxious, your confidence starts to build up. Take baby steps, reevaluate, pivot as needed, and figure out your next step to get to where you need to go.

[12:13] Feelings are Neutral

Feelings in and of themselves are neutral. Anger has the same "pH" as fear, sadness, happiness, etc. However, we tend to lean into the ones we like, avoid the ones we don't, and awareness is important. A lot of times, we don't know what we feel, or we don't know how to express it. But knowing what you're feeling helps you to know what you need.

[20:03] How to Get Out of Fear

Fear is energy that’s getting you ready for a fight or flight. And it’s all there is. But you have to learn how to use this energy in a positive way. Also, when you’re in that state, that’s where growth occurs. You have to go through it and not avoid it if you truly want to grow. The more you embrace fear, the more it gives you confidence.

Notable quotes:

[08:24] We have an internal voice that tells us we’re not good enough. We need to reorient that voice… Tell it “You're not serving me.” That starts to build our confidence. [08:55]

[04:40] Anxiety is very personalized... it's understanding the specifics of what our anxiety is and getting in touch with it. [05:03]

[12:53] It's okay to have the feeling of anger... it has to spur us to action… that comes from responding mindfully and thoughtfully. [13:09]

[13:47] Knowing what you're feeling helps you to know what you need. [13:50]

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Neelma Pyfrom is the owner of Living Lotus Life Coaching, where she helps people live their best life. She helps them reimagine their anxiety by figuring out a healthy work/life balance and making positive changes to find peace, purpose, and authenticity.