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May 1, 2023

Unlock Your Inner Leader with Vin Infante

Unlock Your Inner Leader with Vin Infante
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Leadership potential exists within all of us, waiting to be unlocked. It starts with leading today well. Identify the role you must master today and the mindset and actions towards fulfilling that role. This can help you show up powerfully and fulfill your sense of duty for the day.

Listen in as Matt engages in a conversation with Vin Infante, a specialist in achieving positive moods with a mission to impact one billion lives. Vin also unveils the "five aspects to self-mastery" exercise.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: 

  • How to get out of the victim mindset

  • Identifying your relevant role for the day

  • How pain becomes your potential

  • Happiness as a choice

  • The five aspects of self-mastery

[03:40] How to Get Out of The Victim Mindset

Getting out of the victim mindset requires a level of self-awareness and accountability. Admitting that we have control over our lives and the ability to make positive changes is essential in overcoming victimhood. The “victim” state says that life is happening to me, not for me. But if you want life to happen for you, then you need to take ownership and responsibility over all things in life. We must acknowledge our role in the situations we find ourselves in and take responsibility for our actions and reactions. This includes being honest about our challenges and seeking help when necessary. With a positive mindset, a willingness to take action, and a commitment to personal growth, we can overcome the victim mindset and start living a more fulfilling life.

[14:21] Identifying Your Relevant Role for the Day

To maximize your potential for success, it's important to identify what role is most relevant to your day. By recognizing your obligations, such as a business meeting or being present as a parent, you can better tailor your mindset and actions towards fulfilling that role. This can help you show up powerfully in the chosen role and commit to fulfilling your sense of duty for the day. Whether you want to spend time with your family, partner, or parents, identifying your intended role for the day sets you up for how you should show up and fulfill that role. By spending time developing it, you'll better understand what makes a role powerful and strong, increasing your chances of success on any given day.

[31:25] The Five Aspects of Self-Mastery

To have control over your life, focus on the five aspects of self-mastery that you can control, including thoughts, feelings/emotions, behaviors, actions, and language. As you start with one of these aspects and gain control over it, it will lead to more control over the others. This increases your influence over your life and potentially others. Although there are many things outside of these five aspects that you cannot control, the good news is that nobody else has autonomy over them either. By having control over the five aspects of self-mastery, you have full autonomy over them, giving you 100% control in this area.

Notable quotes:

[15:08] Identifying what you're supposed to do with your day will set you up for how you should show up. [15:13]

[32:53] The only five things you can control are your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors, your actions, and your language. [33:09]

[33:29] There's a lot more things you can't control than what you can. However, the benefit, even though it's only five things... nobody has the autonomy over this. [33:41] 

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About the Guest 

Vin Infante is a Master Mindset Coach & Psychotherapist with a passion for cultivating lasting change and maximizing results. A former New York firefighter, Vin now has over 13 years of experience in coaching people as a psychotherapist on their mindset and positive psychology.