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Matt has accomplished so much and everyone apart of what he has done attributes that to his discipline and consistent positive attitude. It’s been great for me to listen and learn how he developed those traits. He’s a special person and I look fwd to learning MORE!

Game Changer

This podcast will shift every mood! Matt O’Neill is the real deal! Always inspired and uplifted!

Inspirational and thought provoking!

Matt has the gift of attracting some of the most talented people you’ll meet, learn from and elevate with! Authentic and honest - such a gift to the world! Keep bringing it Matt, the world needs more of you and the amazing people that share their magic on your podcast!

It works!

I was listening to the show after an argument with someone I care deeply for and needless to say I was in a bad mood. However, a couple a minutes into this show I was smiling and even laughing with the person I just had the disagreement with. Why? Because this show works. We both got into a good mood. I love that this show is based in humility and being “real”. Again, it works!


Such great content and absolutely puts me in a good mood! Can’t wait to see future episodes & how you grow through this journey!

Guarantee you’ll be in a GOOD MOOD while listening

I absolutely love Matt’s delivery on his topics!! Knowing Matt personally, I can assure you that the genuine, caring and relatable person you hear, is the same person he is to all that love him. He truly strives to help you see the best in yourself and hearing this podcast week after week is such a mood booster!! How can you not be in a “Good Mood” after hearing such amazing conversations and stories?! ❤️ I sure am!!

It works!

Matt really comes through as genuine and relatable. He does a wonderful job at communicating what is really important and matters. Can’t wait to hear future episodes.

Great new podcast

Love this theme and how our emotional pain presents in our body as physical pain. Looking forward to future shows. Great job Matt!

5 Stars

Personal, insightful, and relatable. I am really enjoying this podcast.


Matt, thanks so much for sharing your inspiration and guidance. You’re a blessing to us all l, beautiful work, and I can’t wait to listen to you extract methods for good moods with all of your future guests!