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Very Powerful Podcast, Matt is a Master!!

I just had the honor and privilege to be on “The Good Mood show with host: Matt O’Neill. Matt is not only a super super great guy, amazing husband, amazing dad he’s one heck of a podcast host. He did more research about me than any other host I’ve ever been on their show, and I’ve been on several. Matt ask really great and empowering questions giving an amazing flow to the interview. I would do his podcast again in a heartbeat. If you ever get a chance to go on his show, do not hesitate, seize it. Dave Albin CEO Firewalk Adventures

New Favorite!

Love Matt’s energy and the conversations he leads. Always feel empowered and like my soul got a good shower. He’s onto something with this!

Leave feeling empowered and inspired

If you're looking for a podcast that will leave you feeling inspired, motivated, and empowered, look no further than the Good Mood Podcast with host Matt O'Neill. Matt O'Neill is an excellent host, and he knows how to engage with his guests to bring out their best insights and advice. I had the pleasure of being a guest on the show, and I can attest to the fact that the show is full of valuable insights and actionable strategies for creating more joy, happiness, and well-being in your life. With each episode, you'll come away with actionable steps and strategies to help you create more joy, awareness, and an ability to manage life's ups and downs. Give it a listen - I know you'll come away with some transformative insights for your life!

Excellent host and unique guests.

Matt asks deep diving questions and always turns the conversations something actionable for his audience.

You will leave much Happier!!

I have listened to quite a few of the episodes, and each provided great insights on how to live life with the right focus. How to leave baggage behind and focus on the present and future - of my happiness! Thanks Matt and all of your guests for provided true life lessons!!

You will leave with a good mood!

I have listened to quite a few of the episodes, and each has provided me with a great lesson on how to quiet my saboteurs and focus on happiness! Thanks, Matt and all of your guests, for sharing your knowledge!

Matt O’Neill The Good Mood Show

Matt O’Neill has created a podcast that speaks directly to each of us. The topics are varied but the theme is the same, making us feel better about ourselves, who we are, who we can be. The good mood show is very relatable and challenges us to be who we really are and to live to our full potential. Thank you for this platform Matt O’Neill.!

So Relevant!!

I love this podcast! It’s hard to find a more relevant podcast. Amazing host Matt and his team are the best!

Muni Natarajan

Right away, from the first moment Matt came into my ZEN DEN for a first meditation session, I could see that here is a man that is dedicated to an inner quest, meaning he was not just a curiosity seeker. From that special beginning, all has been in and up for Matt and all of the fine folks associated with him. His deep spiritual aspiration is beautifully reflected in his GOOD MOOD SHOW.

A Great Way to Brighten Your Day - and More

If you are looking for deeply meaningful conversations that inspire and uplift, The Good Mood Show is a perfect place to start. Matt’s sensitive and insightful questions lead to memorable stories and helpful ideas on how to uplift your mood, reframe your perspective, and become the best person you can be. I highly recommend this podcast!

In appreciation

Right away, from the first moment, Matt entered my Zen Den for a first meditation session. I could see that here is a man who is dedicated to an inner quest, meaning he is not just a curiosity seeker. From that special beginning, all has been in and up for Matt and all the fine folks associated with him. His deep spiritual aspiration is certainly reflected in his Good Mood Show.

Fabulous show!

We need more of Matt O’Neill and his friends.

A must-listen

Souls who have walked through the darkness and come out the other side are often the souls that shine the brightest. Matt O’Neill certainly falls into that category, and this podcast clearly reflects not only his light, but the light of those he interviews. His subjects vary in background and experience, but one thing they all share is their commitment to living their lives to the fullest, to allowing their spirits to lead them, and to sharing their secrets about how we all can become more content and well in ourselves. Listen to these podcasts, absorb their wisdom, and free your soul to experience what we all are here to do: live a life full of joy, no matter your circumstances.


Matt is clearly on a mission to spread good in the world and his show is doing exactly that. At a time when so many are stressed and looking to feel better, it’s timely and generous of Matt to use his own growth journey, his time and resources to share great experts with all of us. He is a sincere seeker with a lot of offer. Thank you, Matt!

Great path to happiness

Matt has a great attitude to learn from. He stays cool but tackles big challenges. He has good insight into mood management.


I have been listening to this show since the beginning and I must say I look forward to each week’s episode. I truly learn something from every single one and have applied much of it to my daily life.

Turn your day around!

Matt and his guests have a great way of painting a picture with different colors that makes you smile and think about things from a different angle. I recommend this podcast to anyone looking to lead a happier and more fulfilling life!

Thought Provoking Host

Matt really knows how to engage his guest and his audience. He comes prepared to the interview and steers the conversation in a thought provoking manner. His audience can really take away some amazing gems.

⭐️My Favorite Podcast EVER⭐️

I look forward to Matt dropping his podcast every week! His content, guests, the action items I take away from the show, and the mood that it puts me in truly make it the best podcast on the planet!!

Good Mood? Naw…. Ecstatic mood!

Matt’s show is fantastic. He is an amazing host, bringing out the best in his guests, and being wide open to every experience and bit of wisdom his great guests offer. He’s clearly a man who has practiced what he preaches - the many ways you can be your Best Self, whether it’s meditation, therapy, clearing limitations from the past, or learning how to be a better parent. He’s done the work, gotten the results, and now shares his accumulated wisdom with the world, along with his guests’ wisdom. If you want to feel good, better, great, or ecstatic, subscribe and listen to this podcast. You’ll leave each episode elevated, inspired, and smiling.


I feel grateful that this podcast exists in the world. Matt is a being and host of tremendous presence. I was instantly at home talking with him on this show. Rarely have I felt so at home, and also so drawn into a greater level of clarity, in a podcast conversation. Thank you for all that you do for humanity.

The Good Mood Show Review

I think the podcast is delightful! Matt O'Neill has really taken the time to capture so many profound topics that elevate our moods. His guest speakers are all wonderful examples of people desiring to bring the love and light of God into our world, and to do their part to reach out with messages of hope, perseverance, and peace. Take the time to listen! You will be blessed and you will feel the "Good Mood!"

It puts me in a GOOD MOOD!

This Good Mood podcast makes my day better every time I listen to Matt and his guests. He gets awesome guests and delivers the "Goods" every time!

Just what we need to hear

I like that Matt's guest are as diverse as his world view. I can tell Matt is on his own journey an is generous enough to allow us to come along for the ride so to speak. His guest are helpful, and Matt himself is a great teacher and communicator.

Good Moods Guaranteed

Such an insightful podcast. Feel like I learn something every show, keeps getting better!

Amazing insight

Matt brings a perspective and opinion to topics that are refreshing and really enable the listener to have a picture painted for them in a way that everyone can relate to!

Incredible insight

Absolutely love this podcast! Matt is a wealth of knowledge on various topics for a happier, healthier, wealthier life! He’s an amazing host and brings on great guests for us all to learn from. This show provides priceless insight that we all can benefit from. Super grateful!

Truly inspiring!!

I have listened to almost every podcast and forwarded on to friends and family. So many nuggets of wisdom! Love listening and will continue on this journey with Matt.

Great information with actionable items

I really enjoy listening to the show, and it definitely puts me in a good mood! But more importantly, it gives you specific action items to improve your mood so you can be highly effective in your personal and business life. Highly recommend, and thank you Matt for creating an awesome podcast!

Raising the Baseline of Good Moods

The Good Mood Show will do more than put you in a good mood, It will leave you with tools to stay in a good mood. I have taken away a nugget from each episode that’s been easy to implement into my daily routine, elevating my good mood status to the next level!!!