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Aug. 29, 2022

E22: The Quitter’s Manifesto with Tim Rhode

E22: The Quitter’s Manifesto with Tim Rhode

Many of us spend the majority of our days in a career we don’t enjoy. It might be time to start finding the path to the life you want.

On the Good Mood Show, Tim Rhode joins us to talk about how quitting can be the start of a new chapter. We talk about listening to the signs and taking action. Join us in finding out how you can learn what’s next for you.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Pursue your interests.
  • Keep moving toward fulfillment.
  • Make time for what truly matters in your life.
  • Enjoy the journey.

[04:45] Interests Over Obligation

Live a life of 80% interests and 20% obligations. Take time to be quiet and determine what you want to do next.

[11:39] Find Your Fulfillment Triangle

The Fulfillment Triangle is where your talents and passions collide with real-life opportunities. As time passes, it can change. Listen, ask and reflect.

[16:41] The Biggest Challenge is You

Acknowledge what you excel in. Then find others to help you fill in the gaps. Cut off things that don’t matter and make more time for things that do.

[27:22] The Importance of Identity

Take the time to reflect on your outcome, purpose, and action plan. Don’t let fear stop you from taking action and moving forward. Commit to your identities.

Notable quotes:

[09:01] — [09:04]

“I had all these little signals that were tugging at me to what I was supposed to do next.” - Matt

[27:15] — [27:19] 

“When we just follow that guidance, our life is blessed.” - Matt

[29:08] — [29:12] 

“You start with your outcome. That’s number one. You have to say ‘Where am I headed ?’” - Matt

Resources Mentioned:

Tony Robbins

Tucker Max

The ONE Thing

The Quitter’s Manifesto

Tim Rhode’s website and Facebook


1 Life Fully Lived.

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