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Aug. 22, 2022

E21: The Meaning of Life

E21: The Meaning of Life

It’s difficult and often daunting to search for the meaning of life. How can we find the meaning of life? Where do we even start looking for it? As it turns out, the answers are already within you.

In today’s episode, Matt O’Neill discusses the seven questions that led him to discover the true meaning of life.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Know that God is at your core.
  • Love and learn from your enemies.
  • Choose love and peace.
  • Cherish and love the life you have.
  • Enjoy the journey.

[06:57] Why Are We Here?

God created everything by speaking it. We can also speak things into existence because every one of us is a piece of God at our core.

[12:37] How Can We Love Our Enemies?

If we’re all made of God, then our enemies are also God. Loving your enemies is the same as loving God and yourself. Every person in your life is sent to teach you a spiritual lesson.

[14:52] Where’s Heaven Located?

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. We only perceive what our mind perceives. So the only thing you can truly know is yourself — and to know yourself is to know God.

[22:02] Why Doesn’t God Answer Us Out Loud?

Your whole life is a conversation with God. He communicates with you through every single person and experience that you encounter.

[24:13] Why Doesn’t God Stop Bad People From Killing Others?

God gave us free will. Every single choice you make has a direct divine consequence. Always choose peace and love in your life.

[27:53] Why Do We Have To Die?

Death makes life richer. Our souls are eternal, but our life isn’t. Knowing life is fragile makes everything more important. Cherish and love the people you have.

[34:33] What’s The Meaning Of Life?

Life is uncertain. Uncertainty scares our ego. We must experience and learn from the ego to find our way back to God. Life’s meaning is to:

  1. Learn and grow to be more loving and peaceful.
  2. Love and cherish your relationships with others.
  3. Enjoy the journey.

Notable quotes:

[14:01] —  [14:05] 

“All is God. And ultimately, all is love.” - Matt

[24:47] — [24:50] 

“You’re free to choose to love, and you’re free to choose to reject love.” - Matt

[34:18] — [34:26] 

“Life is meant to be cherished. And because it’s not permanent, we cherish it even more.” - Matt

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