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July 25, 2022

E17: How to Stop Judging

E17: How to Stop Judging

Passing judgment on  what’s happening around us and how other people treat us is normal. But even if it might protect us from fear, sadness or hatred, judgment takes away our happiness. And that’s why we should learn how to manage it.

In this episode, Matt O’Neill shares his key takeaways from Marianne Williamson’s Everyday Grace. He explores how to get rid of judgment, be patient with where we are now, and ask help from God.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Stop judging others and choose love and light.
  • Give out love, happiness and peace instead of judgment and hatred.
  • Be wary of the ego and how it separates you from God and others.
  • Ask God for help and guidance.
  • Try to see other people in a new light.

[01:58] Stop Judging

You can’t be judgmental and happy at the same time. Judging other people blocks your light in the world. Every judgment comes from a place of sadness and fear.  When we’re at our worst, we’d also like to receive compassion, forgiveness and empathy from others.

Pray to God and wait for three days. It took for Jesus three days to rise from the grave. It may take three days for your thoughts to be resurrected. After that, your judgment will soften.

[23:13] Ask Help From God

God loves you so much that He will not interfere with your will unless you ask Him to. He gives us total freedom to make even the worst mistakes. He only will help if you ask — so start asking. If you feel the judgment, hatred or hurt, know that He loves you and will help you  with whatever you ask.

[28:15] Letting God

Place all your decisions in the hands of God. God dwells in eternity and He knows the past, present, and future.  Every single thing is happening for your benefit. You can learn even during the bad times. Just ask God to guide your actions and thoughts.

[36:25] Finding Peace Within Yourself

We can be extremely critical of ourselves. Learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes because God has already forgiven you. When you’re in conflict with someone, you can either be right or you can be happy. But you can't be both. If you want happiness, peace and joy, stop trying to be right all the time.

Four notable quotes: 

[06:04] — [06:08]

“In that state, where I’m at my very worst, what I would really want from someone else is to have grace on me.” -Matt

[07:05] — [06:08] 

“When we heal that sadness, we get to heal the judgments.” -Matt

[10:53] — [10:58]

“When you’re giving, you feel great. And when you’re judging, you feel awful.” -Matt

[16:54] —[16:59] 

“God’s will for you is your highest, most happy, most joyful, most peaceful self.” -Matt

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