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July 18, 2022

E16: Loving Your Neighbor with Chris Singleton

E16: Loving Your Neighbor with Chris Singleton

There are a lot of things that can divide us as humans — race, religion, politics. But there are also things that can unite us, bring us together, and make us feel connected to one another.

In this episode, Chris Singleton shares his inspiring story and why it is crucial to nurture resilience and forgiveness. He discusses how to unite people from around the world through love, faith, and kindness.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Choose to forgive.
  • Seek God for strength to overcome struggles.
  • Exercise empathy and understanding.
  • Let love and kindness manifest in your words and actions.
  • Be helpful and humble.

Episode Highlights:

[10:58] Using Your Free Will

Free will is a gift and a curse. People can make terrible choices. When you actively seek strength and guidance from God, you will gain the strength to overcome tough battles and make the right choices. But forcing people to turn to God will only make them resist more.

[15:42] Fighting Against Hatred

Hatred can only be overcome through unconditional love. It is difficult to be mean to somebody if they are genuinely loving and kind to you. Love will always triumph over hate.

[18:35] What Unity Means

Unity is realizing that every single person has a story behind what they do and who they are. Try putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Understanding others does not mean changing your beliefs. It is simply seeing things from their perspectives and respecting them.

[25:06] Choosing to Forgive

You can forgive someone while also wanting justice to be served. Justice might look different for every person but forgiveness is always freeing.

[28:29] The Importance of Empathy and Faith

Learn to listen to understand. Empathy is a crucial factor in understanding and loving others. Be helpful to others as much as possible — and even in the smallest ways. Always be humble and control how you respond to adversities. Faith brings you peace in times of uncertainty.

Four notable quotes:

[17:25] —[17:32] 

“Hate and the darkness actually doesn’t have power. All it has is the absence of love.” - Matt

[35:11] — [35:15]

“Your greatest adversity can become your greatest gift, too.” - Matt

[36:54] — [36:59] 

“The goal in life is to be able to traverse all the uncomfort with peace.” - Matt

[33:33] — [33:34] 

“Whatever we give, we get back.” - Matt

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