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June 27, 2022

E13: Pray Everyday

E13: Pray Everyday

When we think about God, we often imagine Him as a being far away, just sitting on a throne in heaven and watching us from a distance. But the truth is, God is always close by and available to us — and we can always reach Him through prayer.

In this episode, Matt shares the powerful lessons he learned from Marianna Williamson’s Everyday Grace. He emphasizes the importance of prayer and how it can help you lead a fruitful life. Prayer draws us closer to God and helps us heal from the things weighing us down.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Surrender your pain and suffering to God
  • Pray every day
  • Ask God for a miracle
  • Always strive to live in God’s will
  • Love and forgive others

Episode Highlights:

[01:06] Let Go and Let God

Some people may believe that if they want something, they have to grind to get it — as if God has no part in their achievements. But external success will not give you true happiness and peace. Attachment to the external world is a life that is setting you up to suffer.

No problem is too hard for God to solve. No matter what you are going through, God is more powerful than any suffering.

[05:57] The Power of Prayer

To pray is to take spiritual action. When you have a problem, say a simple prayer. Miracles can happen at any moment. When there is a change in your perception from fear to love, then that is a miracle. Make prayer a daily habit.

[09:51] What Keeps Us From Asking For Miracles

Because our suffering is familiar, we might not ask for miracles. But you have to give that up to find true peace. The ego drives a wedge between God and us.

Other times, we do not ask for miracles because we do not trust God. Or perhaps we do not want to relinquish control. But life becomes so much easier when we give everything up to God and stop carrying everything on our shoulders.

[14:36] The Importance of Forgiveness

We are on earth to love and forgive. Forgiveness sets people free. Your heart becomes open. It creates space for blessings and miracles to appear in your life. Your ego wants you to act with lovelessness but recognize that when you make mistakes — and you do — you’ll want forgiveness.

[19:41] Living God’s Will

Miracles happen when you allow them.  God sustains your entire existence. Without God, you may not even be here. Every experience is a gift, even the painful and sad ones. Your job is to show up in the most loving, joyful, and inspired way possible.

[25:16] Love and Be Loved

Our relationship with God is our relationship with ourselves. Knowing that God is love is knowing you are loved. Never forget that you are loved, and you will be able to love others truly. Ask God to make you be more loving. God is always listening.

[29:31] How to Get Rid of Pain and Fear

Meditate every morning. Connect with God through silence. Pray out loud every day because words are powerful. These will help you change your perspective from fear to love.

Notable Quotes:
[26:04] — [26:07] 

“There is no problem that love cannot solve.” - Matt

[23:17] —[23:19]

“When we’re listening to our ego, we’re actually believing a lie. ” - Matt

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