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May 30, 2022

E09: Your Language Creates Your Life with Amy Wienands

E09: Your Language Creates Your Life with Amy Wienands

There’s so much negativity around us. It’s important to learn to block out the noise, which can even come from our inner voice. We all have the power to flip the narrative, empower ourselves, and fulfill our life’s purpose. Don’t you want to know how to use your words and perception to turn your life around?

In this episode, Amy Wienands, CEO of Amy Wienands Real Estate and host of the “You are More!” podcast, talks about how she lives out her life’s purpose through positive thinking and by surrounding herself with inspiring and supporting friends.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

- Take the time to celebrate your wins and express your appreciation to your family, friends, and co-workers

- Flip the narrative and use your perception to turn negative events around

- Everyone is original and each of us is called on to fulfill our one specific purpose

- Surround yourself with like-minded and supportive people

Episode Highlights:

[04:23] The Importance of Appreciating People

Amy didn't celebrate wins at first. It wasn’t until she saw how it made her team feel appreciated and valued that she realized the importance of doing so. She now treats her family the same way, believing that it’s not about having more time but rather more contact with them.

[08:40] Your Language Dictates Your Life

Get into the mindset of flipping your narrative into something positive, especially during tough times. What you say reflects what you believe in, which will likely become your reality. Amy is grateful every single day for merely being alive and believes that everyone has their own life’s purpose.

[18:06] Your Life’s Purpose

Amy believes that she’s original, but people tend to adopt a herd mentality. Deep internal work is key to developing the confidence to fulfill our life’s purpose. We all have a different purpose in life; it’s okay to embrace our differences and become who we truly are called to be.

[25:57] Creating a Supportive Network

You only need a few key people in your circle. God leads us to the people we need at the exact moment we need them. Not every friend will stay with us, but this just means we’re growing. It’s normal to feel pain at the loss of a friend, but this creates space for like-minded people to walk with us instead.

Guest Bio:

Wife, mother to twins & President/CEO of Amy Wienands Real Estate, Amy Wienands is no stranger to the real estate industry and creating impact. For nearly three decades, Amy has been committed to creating an impact in her community and the growth of those around her, through the “vehicle of real estate.” Amy and her team have been consistently ranked as one of the Top 100 Teams in the Nation, and Iowa’s #1 team of REALTORS for the past 8 years. Her biggest passion in this life is to create one thing; a legacy. She knows she’s been put on this earth for “more” and is called to inspire, motivate, bring inspiration and leave a significant mark on this world. She is the host of the You Are More Podcast, a place of revelation and encouragement for all, and a pillar of faith for many. Amy is a firm believer that hard work, principles of faith, and having the “pop-back” factor are the keys to success.

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