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Oct. 24, 2022

Divorcing Your Beliefs with Alice Emerson

Divorcing Your Beliefs with Alice Emerson
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Your worst day is not the end of your story. You can take back the pen and write a new chapter. All it takes is a decision to own your narrative.

In this episode, Alice Emerson joins Matt O’Neill to discuss Divorcing Your Beliefs.They talk about the journey to inward healing from diagnosis and identity crisis and how you can own your story!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

[07:37] Rewrite Your Story

You can always rewrite your story. The pen is yours as long as you make the choice. This also applies to your divorce. Both diagnosis and divorce are hard, but they can be approached with the same thought process. Choose to heal your thoughts, your labels, and your story.

[10:57] Bein the Moment

Eternity is the eternal now and now is the only time you can exist. The mind is always existing in the past or making plans for the future. Instead of succumbing to this trap, choose to be in the moment.

[20:27] Do Grounding

Before starting your day or picking up your phone, set your intentions for the day. List what you want and need to accomplish and what you’re grateful for at this moment. Practice guided meditation and proverbial sighs every day. You’re only good at what you practice. What you don't practice will not develop.

[24:48] Detox Your Heart

Protect yourself from overwhelming environments — especially those you cannot control. The energy around you can stir up something inside you. The world is filled with energy that can stir up inside you: news, politics, crimes, and pornography, among others. Make sure to protect the peace you started and worked hard to achieve. In choosing which to protect yourself from, let your heart be your guide.

[31:57] Heal from Identity Crisis

You can only love your neighbor after you have learned to love yourself. Healing from an identity crisis involves unpacking all the labels from childhood to career. It is a journey of embracing yourself — who you were, who you are, and who you are not. You can celebrate other’s gifts but fall in love with yourself first. You are God’s masterpiece; denying your identity is denying God’s creation.

Resources Mentioned:

Divorcing My Beliefs: Experiencing God Outside of Religionby Alice Emerson

Dr Caroline Leaf

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About the Guest

Alice Emerson is the president of the Charleston Metro, Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She is a certified Divorce, Transition and Recovery Coach (CDC) and public speaker. Alice is also the author of the bestselling book, Divorcing My Beliefs: Experiencing God Outside of Religion.

Described as the “Healing Rebel”, Alice describes herself as an ally of health and wealth professionals and is dedicated to moving others towards their journey to true wellness.

Reach out to Alice at or connect with her on LinkedIn.