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Nov. 21, 2022

Awakening: Finding Who You Truly Are with Ulrika Sullivan

Awakening: Finding Who You Truly Are with Ulrika Sullivan
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Your true self is one of the greatest sources of love and wisdom available to you. Sometimes what you need to do is to look inside yourself to find the answers you’re looking for.

In this episode, Ulrika Sullivan, author and intuitive spiritual life coach, joins Matt O’Neill to talk about the journey of awakening your true self. They talk about Ulrika’s book “Wisdom Beyond What You Know” and what you can do to connect with, and love yourself.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Love yourself and put yourself first
  • Find your opportunity for self-awareness
  • Tune in to your body
  • Set your energetic boundaries
  • You are part of a big, wide universe.

[06:25] You Complete Yourself

Turn your focus inwards. Ask yourself first before seeking validation from others. You know best what works for you. You are a source of love for yourself. Even without others, you’re whole and complete.

[16:38] Journey of Self-Awareness

Ulrika was a successful woman whose identity revolved around her job. However, when she got laid off, she found herself lost and not knowing who she was. This was the start of her journey to self-awareness.

[21:44] The Body Talks

Everyone has an energetic connection to their bodies.For Ulrika, yoga was her gateway to this connection. Spiritual practices and time tuning into yourself can help you learn to connect with your emotional, physical, and spiritual body.

[35:02] Ruling Your Own Life

When you seek to please others, you can lose your own sovereignty. Set your energetic boundaries and say no to what doesn’t align with your true self. You are connected to the whole universe. You have a connection to a bigger, true self.

Notable quotes:

[02:31] “Awakening can be awakening to who we truly are… to our true self.”  [02:38]

[14:00] “We all have this story of how we got to where we are. But the important part is to allow ourselves to distance ourselves a little bit to those stories inside” [14:11]

[23:42] "Yoga is this connector of movement, breath, and stillness. Because all three are required in a way to be able to listen to what the body and its intuition is telling us. It's not really separate. [24:00]

Resources Mentioned:

Wisdom Beyond What You Knowby Ulrika Sullivan

Jerry Maguire(1996)

Healing Back Painby John E. Sarno

All the Rage Saved by Sarno (2016)

Ulrika Sullivan’s website

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About the Guest

Ulrika Sullivanis an intuitive spiritual life coach, energy healer, and yoga teacher. She is also the host of the New Light Living Podcast where she talks about finding the calm and balance many people hope to live with.